Dan (+Leah) in California.
Dan gets an American plan for his phone. Hilarity ensues.

Having just recently gone through the painstaking process of negotiating a voice+data plan for a smartphone in Canada, I was kind of dreading doing the same here in the US. At least in Canada I know what kind of tricks the carriers pull, you know?

Turns out there was no need to worry. Here are a few clips from my dialogue with the sales guy at T-Mobile:

TM: “For $10 you get 2GB of 4G data per month.”
Me: “Wow. Not that I ever will, but what happens if I go over?”
TM: “Oh, it’s unlimited. After 2GB your phone will switch from 4G to Edge.”

Me: “Your lowest plan is 500 minutes? Is text messaging extra?”
TM: “No, that plan comes with unlimited incoming/outgoing text.”

TM: “Ok, so you’re all set for 500 minutes, unlimited text, and 2GB of data.”
Me: “Cool. How much is voicemail and call display and stuff?”
TM: “Nothing. That’s all free.”

TM: “What area code do you want? San Jose is 408, Mountain View is 650…”
Me: “Is it long distance if I call Mountain View from San Jose?”
TM: “What? No. You can call anywhere in the US.”

TM: “Oh, do you want to add unlimited calling to Canada?”
Me: “Nah, don’t think I need it. Out of curiosity, how much would that be?”
TM: “10$/month”

All told, 500 minutes to call anywhere in the US with unlimited text and unlimited data (the first 2GB at 4G) and the usual extras (voicemail, call display, etc) is $50/month on a 2-year contract.

Just for fun I did the math to see what this would have cost me on Rogers:

$50 for 500 mins voice and unlimited text
$35 for 2GB of data (LTE)
$13 for voicemail and call display

And that’s not even as good as T-Mobile’s plan! The best Rogers can do for Canada-wide calling is their My-5 plan (so it would only apply to 5 numbers), and the overage penalty for data is $10/GB!


But hey, now my phone works properly!

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